Metallic Epoxy Floor System


Metallic 3-Coat System Clear 100% Solid Polyurea with UVR
Metallic 3-Coat System Clear Epoxy 100% Solid UVR with Metallic Powder
Metallic 3-Coat System Clear Epoxy Prime Coat with Metallic Powder

Top coating is:
Clear Aliphatic Polyurethane with UVR
- Or for an upcharge -
Clear Polyurea/Polyaspartic Fast Cure with UVR
Metallic floors are very unique as they appear three dimensional with binders of pigment disbursements throughout.

These floors are done with 100% solids and are the most durable and impact resistant one can get. One hundred percent solids result in no evaporation or shrinkage. Our polyurea floors mean no yellowing, no chalk, no oxidation and they are chemical resistant.

Our concrete floor preparation is outstanding. We use high quality, professional grinders and vacuums for all of our work in order to create a dust free environment and surface that will insure long term adhesion.

I implemented my metallic system back in 2011 and have not trained anyone on my technique, which has become very popular. Consequently, other companies are now trying to replicate my work and have even stolen my pictures for their websites and social media pages.

When you see a metallic floor you like, make sure you contract with the installer who did it since installing metallic floors is an art. Don't go shopping around for the cheapest price because, most likely, it will not look like what you had seen and liked.

Be advised that with Metallic Epoxy flooring, imperfections make the floor! No two metallic floors will ever be alike. Each floor will vary in look inch by inch. The floors shown on my website and Facebook are actual floors I have done. If you see one you like, I cannot duplicate it for you, but can give you the same coloring and overall look. If you want a perfect floor with consistency throughout, this is not the system for you.


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