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We Create Stunning Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings!

My style of metallic floors is my own creation that I came up with and the metallic epoxy that I use is based on a proprietary formula that I created. With this said no one can buy my formulation and I have not trained anyone on how to achieve my style of metallic floors. If you are shopping around comparing prices then I am not the one to call. If you like my art work and style of metallic then I am your guy. You would never call one artist to try to copy another artist work.

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This color chart only represents colors not effects. Slight differences may occur in color and appearance. Also, due to variations in computers, software and monitors, the colors you see may vary.

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Metallic floors are very unique as they appear three dimensional with binders of pigment disbursements throughout. These floors are done with 100% solids and are the most durable and impact resistant one can get.

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Quality Epoxy is the world leader in Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings and we have been in business since 2000.

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Article November December 2019

Heavy into metal!

WHEN I founded my company, Quality Epoxy, 20+ years ago, I only offered solid colors. Over the ensuing years as my competition began to heat up, I also started offering a five-layer chip system with 5/8-inch chips. I went with the 5/8-inch chips because the standard industry chip size is 1/8 inch or 1/4 inch and I wanted to offer a better-looking floor than my competition.

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Article January 2019

Be Careful When Using 100 Percent Solids Urethane on Metallic Floors

For the longest time my residential garage floors were a three-coat system. I'd start with a coat of epoxy for my primer and then I'd squeegee a 100 percent solids epoxy mixed with metallic pigment from wall to wall across the floor. I never had to worry about product getting into control joints or even large divots.

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Article July 2018

Artisan in Concrete

John Kopp of Quality Epoxy LLC in Gilbert, Arizona, got into metallic systems strictly by accident. And now, after 20 years in business , he wouldn't change anything. He has a huge social media following and satisfied clients who hire him based on what only he can deliver. Thirty years ago, Kopp transferred to Arizona from Los Angeles as a ramp agent/supervisor for America West Airlines.

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