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Rich and Expensive looking Metallic Epoxy Floors NOW available at the same cost as a Chip Epoxy Floor! And not just beautiful, Metallic Epoxy Floors are a lot more durable than a Chip Epoxy Floor.

Quality Epoxy is the longest running owner-operator and the leader in Metallic Epoxy Floor Coatings in the state of Arizona. I implemented my metallic system back in 2011 and have not trained anyone on my technique, which has become very popular. We are the only Arizona company recognized in Concrete Decor Magazine for metallic epoxy consecutively since 2013. Customer service, quality work and state of the art products have been our priorities from the start.

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Our Grinding Is Dust Free

Our state of the art vacuum grinding system virtually eliminates all dust!

Our concrete floor preparation is outstanding. We use high quality, professional grinders and vacuums for all of our work in order to create a dust free environment and surface that will insure long term adhesion.

About Metallic Epoxy Floors

A hot new trend in high-tech, exotic flooring

Metallic epoxy floor coating is a line of metallic mica pigments added to clear epoxy, as opposed to standard, pigmented epoxy.

It is designed to be dispersed in a variety of binders with a unique, three-dimensional appearance of the color and metallic showing through. Because the product is a clear epoxy, the end result can end up being very translucent.

However, the looks you can create with metallic epoxy are endless. The finished appearance of metallic flooring systems can vary from soft and subtle changes in color, to a more distinctive hammered effect. There is a certain amount of natural variation in the finished product appearance from job to job, which makes no two jobs identical. It is the fact that each floor is noticeably different that makes the product so unique and desirable.

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Metallic Epoxy Garage Floors

Metallic Epoxy looks amazing on garage floors and they are also the most durable impact resistance system one can ever get . A large percentage of Quality Epoxy's residential jobs are garage floors. With our state of the art grinding system we can install your metallic epoxy garage floor faster and cleaner than you ever dreamed possible.

Metallic Floor System Colors

Choose a single color or multiple to create a 3-dimensional appearance that gives the illusion of craters, ripples, and swirling rivers of metallic-looking plasma

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