How do we prep concrete floors?
We mechanically grind all concrete floors in order to create a profile that will insure long term adhesion. Even though we use state of the art grinders and vacuums there is no guarantee of a 100% dust free environment.
Why should one use Quality Epoxy service?
We are a husband and wife team with no employees to ensure that the job is done correctly with our standards of high quality. We like to treat every job like it's for our own personal property but most of all we love what we do and it shows in every job. We use the best product currently on the market and other than my metallic, my other two systems are done with polyaspartic so your floor is 100% uvr protected and chemical resistance with a fast turn around. We explain in full detail from start to finish explaining what product to use and what is included in our pricing for your sqft. We provide all material data sheets so anyone can read up on all products.
Why would anyone want to coat their floors?
Because it looks beautiful! It protects the concrete from deteriorating, stains and everyday wear & tear. With our three systems, your garage or business will have a glossy showroom finish.
What exactly is a Metallic floor?
Metallic epoxy floor coatings is a very high tech and exotic looking 3D floor. These coatings create a glossy and deep looking floor with a variety of different colors and visual effects. Some even create a beautiful three-dimensional appearance that gives the illusion of craters, ripples, and swirling rivers of metallic looking plasma.

Metallic Epoxy is a line of metallic mica pigments designed to be dispersed in a variety of binders to create seamless floors with a unique three dimensional appearance. These floors are perfect for all business establishments. Metallic floors do not look like flakes or solid pigmented floors. Metallic floors are created by the artistic ability of each and individual installer. If you have five installers doing the same colors on five different floors, you will see major differences on all five floors. Metallic floors are strictly an artistic system with so many different options that one can do.
On the metallic system, do I need to choose more than one color in order to get a pigment disbursement?
No, you will get a pigment disbursement with just one color. Metallic colors are made with multiple colors in the recipe. Any single metallic color is a combination of three to five colors. So you will always have pigment disbursement, even with only just one color.
Which floor system is best for me?
Even though this is a personal choice, for garages, patios and driveway I would recommend a polyaspartic flakes system because it is 100% uvr protected so your floor will never turn yellow,100% chemical resistance with a fast turn around time. We do not offer metallic for garages or anything that is outside. For your business I would recommend my metallic as they look fantastic and your customers will love it. We do not install metallic floors in garages or anything outside.
How durable are polyaspartic coatings compared to epoxy coatings?
Compared to epoxy floor coatings, polyaspartic coatings are even more durable. Based on empirical testing information, polyaspartic coatings have been shown to provide abrasion resistance which dramatically exceeds that of most epoxy coating systems. Also polyaspartic is 100% uvr protected and chemical resistance so your floor will never turn yellow or oxidize for the life of your home. After installation you can get on it a lot faster than you would with epoxy and if you use epoxy it will turn yellow in a very short time.
Is there a cost difference between your metallic and flakes system?
Yes, metallic system will always cost more because of the amount of product that is required.
What are my options with a Metallic Epoxy System?
You select the colors to be used on your floor. With my style no two floors are alike.
Is coating stem walls included in the price of the floor?
We do not coat stem walls because stem walls need to breath. As soon as you coat a stem wall, you have now stopped the air flow from the outside elements and as the pressure builds up your stem wall could start to deteriorate. The best thing for a stem wall if you want color on it is to have it painted because acrylic is 100% breathable.
I just bought a brand new home and have not driven on the garage floor yet. Do I still need you to grind the floor?
Yes, regardless of whether the floor is 30 days or 50 years old, the concrete still needs to be mechanically grinded so the pores open up. This allows the product to get a better bond by absorbing into the open pores of the concrete for a superior bond.
What is your warranty?
All residential jobs come with a lifetime warranty on adhesion and business jobs have a two year warranty. Please refer to your signed contract for details.
I want to paint my walls in my garage. Should I do it before or after my floor gets coated?
Does not matter. Do what is convenient for you.
I am getting garage cabinets! In what order do you recommend I go with?
Ideally the floor should be installed before the cabinets. It has a cleaner appearance with the cabinets on top of your new floor.
I already have garage cabinets installed. Is there anything I should worry about?
How long does the installation take?
Installation for all three of my systems gets done within 24 hours.
How much notice do you need before you can start the job?
Usually between 4 - 7 days due to my high demand. However, there are times when I can start the very next day, so please call or text. I always try my best to accommodate everyone.
Floor already has a coating and or sealer on it. What do I do to have my floor re-coated?
Call Quality Epoxy. Our concrete floor preparation is outstanding. We use high quality, professional grinders and vacuums for all of our work in order to create a dust free environment and surface that will insure long term adhesion. It also removes any existing coating.
I currently have oil stains on my concrete floor. Will it be a problem to remove?
Not at all.
Can I have you epoxy over the old stuff that is currently on my floor?
No, Quality Epoxy believes in doing the job right the first time. We do not do "quick fixes". We will need to grind the old floor.
I have separated garages, but I need to coat only one at a time because I have a lot of items I need to store in it.
Quality Epoxy charges a minimum of 400 sq.ft, and you will be charged the minimum.
Do you have a minimum size?
No, not a minimum size. However there is a minimum charge of 400 sq.ft.
What is hot tire pick up?
Hot tire pickup is a common question regarding epoxy floors. This is caused when the hot tires from your car can soften lessor quality or thin coatings. The tires then cool down and contract after driving causing the tire tread to literally grab and pull at the surface of the still soft coating causing it to delaminate. This problem is associated more with an epoxy paint kit, but not a professionally installed or commercial quality coating. Since most commercial brand epoxy and polyaspartic is 80% solids or higher, floors like these can run between 10 - 30 mils in thickness compared to only 3 mils for a store bought kit that is only around 30% solids.

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