We are the only Arizona company recognized in Concrete Decor Magazine for metallic epoxy consecutively since 2013.

Heavy into metal!

WHEN I founded my company, Quality Epoxy, 20+ years ago, I only offered solid colors. Over the ensuing years as my competition began to heat up, I also started offering a five-layer chip system with 5/8-inch chips. I went with the 5/8-inch chips because the standard industry chip size is 1/8 inch or 1/4 inch and I wanted to offer a better-looking floor than my competition.

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Be Careful When Using 100 Percent Solids Urethane on Metallic Floors

For the longest time my residential garage floors were a three-coat system. I'd start with a coat of epoxy for my primer and then I'd squeegee a 100 percent solids epoxy mixed with metallic pigment from wall to wall across the floor. I never had to worry about product getting into control joints or even large divots.

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  • By Vanessa Salvia
  • July 2018

Artisan in Concrete

John Kopp of Quality Epoxy LLC in Gilbert, Arizona, got into metallic systems strictly by accident. And now, after 20 years in business , he wouldn't change anything. He has a huge social media following and satisfied clients who hire him based on what only he can deliver. Thirty years ago, Kopp transfered to Arizona from Los Angeles as a ramp agent/supervisor for America West Airlines.

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Why Metallic Floors Continue to be Popular!

As metallic coatings grow in popularity, the competition is heating up. Bear in mind that the key to a mesmerizing metallic floor is the artist behind it. Unlike a solid or chip system, metallics produce floors that are one of a kind. Installers each have their own ways of applying metallics, so I stress to potential customers that it's not a system they can easily shop around for pricing.

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  • By Chris Sullivan
  • April 2017

What's New In Decorative Concrete?

Years ago, someone asked Concrete Decor columnist Chris Sullivan what he thought about the metallic epoxy craze. He said he thought it was "a passing fancy". What's new in decorative concrete? That was a popular question that came my way multiple times during the recent World of Concrete. I realize my name is out there, but I'm a long way from having a crystal ball to be able to predict...

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Business or Personal?

I see a lot of businesses improperly using Facebook to market their business. Facebook is a powerful tool, but if you use it incorrectly it will work against you. Facebook offers two ways to share information: Profiles, geared for people, and Pages, intended for businesses. Profiles are personal accounts on Facebook, intended for noncommercial use to represent individual people. Pages look similar to personal Profiles, but they offer unique tools for businesses. You must have a personal Profile to create a Page.

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Metallic Epoxy Floors: How to Install, Control and Manipulate them

Colorful mica pigments designed to be dispersed in a variety of binders are part of what makes metallic epoxy floors so alluring. The right combination of binders and finish coats create a unique three-dimensional appearance on seamless floors that can offer an unmatched blend of beauty and durability. Depending on the application techniques used, the finished floors look can range from elegant to exotic.

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10 Noteworthy Products in the Decorative Concrete Industry

6. Metallic Coatings - Today's metallic-looking coatings, which provide drift and sparkle and can be used to create an impressive 3-D look, continue to gain traction in the decorative concrete industry. The facts that they are so easy to use and come in a broad palette of colors contribute to their popularity. The facts that they are so easy to use and come in a broad palette of colors contribute to their popularity.

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Metallic Epoxy Tips and Techniques

Metallic floor coatings are a very exotic-looking flooring option. Unlike with solid-color pigment or chips, no two metallic floors are alike. These floors utilize a clear epoxy or polyaspartic base, and the translucent floors are colored by whatever metallic powder is being used. These coatings create a glossy and deep-looking floor that can contain a variety of colors and visual effects.

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Use Two Colors of Metallic Powder for a Two-tone Coated Floor

Jon Kopp, Quality Epoxy LLC, Gilbert, Ariz., says his metallic epoxy floors are all two-color these days. His recipe: add two colors of Cohills Pro Series Metal Essence Metallics to two coats of Arizona Polymer epoxy (a water-based prime coat for adhesion and a 100-percent solids coat) on a floor-coating installation.

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