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As an owner / operator I had promised myself to create a concrete coating business where I would do every installation myself, always use the best equipment and the best products for adhesion, durability, and protection. 100% uvr protected, chemical resistance and does not scratch like epoxy. I have kept that promise. Having been in business since 1998, I have over 15 published articles in the industry and 1.2 million followers on social media. That experience and knowledge have allowed me to guide my customers from start to finish.


Polyaspartic is the only product that is 100% UVR protected. However, the only way to achieve this on a flake floor is every layer must be done with polyaspartic.

Most companies do apply a polyaspartic clear topcoat thinking that this will protect your floor from the UV rays. The problem is they do not understand that the topcoat is clear so the UV rays goes through it and will fade, chocked, oxidize and yellow the underneath layer. The concept I like to use is just because you have a window does not mean the UV rays does not come through.

Another critical piece of information to understand is solid count. A solid count means how much of the product you will have left on the floor once it dries. So, for example: when product goes down wet at that point it is always 100% solid. However, what is critical is my solid count once it dries. If you use an 80% solid and once it dries, you have lost 20% through shrinkage and evaporation.

This is how you get your high gloss finish. Here at Quality Epoxy everything we use is 100% solid polyaspartic on every layer so that means your floor dries the same film thickness as wet.


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Even though I have retired from the amazing metallic floors I created, I have made my flakes blend options with the same dramatic look.

We are the longest running coating company in Arizona with over 24 years. We are a husband & wife team with no employees. I am extremely product knowledge and have written over 15 global publications. We are all polyaspartic 1" flakes specialist that creates an amazing marble finish. This will be the best floor you have never see. Polyaspartic is the best system for any garage, patio, driveway, hanger & business. Polyaspartic is 100% UVR protected so your floor will never turn yellow, fade, chalk or oxidize. It will remain shiny for the life of your home or business. It is stronger than epoxy and does not scratch like epoxy. It is 100% chemically resistant, full turnaround use in 72 hours, after the clear top coat is applied.

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