No two floors are alike. So your floor will have a completely different pattern than any other floor.
These are examples of color combinations. Please refer to the Color Chart and pick the color(s) for your floor.

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Onyx, Mayon Gold

Sterling, Denim, Mayon Gold

Quicksilver, Tahoe Blue, Sunfire

Tahoe Blue, Teal, Pearl

Burleywood, Quicksilver

Caribbean blue, Teal, Pearl

Quicksilver, Mayan Gold

Tahoe Blue, Quicksilver

Tahoe Blue, Quicksilver, Black

Tahoe Blue, Turquoise & Pearl

Tahoe Blue, Quicksilver

Quicksilver, Grape

Quicksilver, Sunrise, AZ Gold

Caribbean Blue, Quicksilver

Black, Galaxy Blue, Quicksilver

Quicksilver, Aluminum

Mayan Gold, Pearl

Teal, Pearl

Jet Black, AZ Gold, Quicksilver

Copper, Teal

Mayan Gold, Black, Copper

Quicksilver, Galaxy Blue

AZ Gold, Copper

Quicksilver, Emerald Green, Steel

Caribbean blue, Teal, Pearl

Quicksilver, Graphite

Quicksilver, Galaxy Blue

Burlywood, Cappuccino,

Caribbean Blue, Black

Copper, Arizona Gold,
Autumn Blaze

Quicksilver, Tahoe Blue


Black, Galaxy Blue, Quicksilver

Copper, Cappuccino

Sterling, Teal

Cappuccino, Butterscotch

Teal, Quicksilver, Black

Teal, Quicksilver, Caribbean Blue

Black, Galaxy Blue, Quicksilver


Cerulean Blue, Copper,
Burlywood, Cocoa

Quicksilver, Sterling

Sterling, Mayan Gold, Butterscotch

Burlywood, Copper, Mayan Gold

Galaxy Blue, Quicksilver

Merlot, Mayan Gold, Black

Caribbean Blue, Quicksilver,

Quicksilver, Arizona Gold, Sunrise


Teal, Pearl

Copper, Pearl

Copper, Steal

Quicksilver, Galaxy Blue

Metallic Epoxy Floors are a line of mica pigments designed to be dispersed in a variety of binders to create seamless floors with a unique three dimensional appearance. Depending on the application techniques used, the finished floors appearance can range from elegant to exotic. Metallic Epoxy Floors are ideal product for retail establishments, restaurants, night clubs, automotive showrooms and airplane hangers to residential garage floors, patios or any installation that desire a truly unique finished floor. When these amazing floors are applied, they create beauty and durability.

These photos are not a color chart they are just photos of finished jobs, please see the Color Chart.